BEAST is coming soon

omg~ i cant believe it . BEAST will be coming to MALAYSIA on 26/6 untill 28/6 . wow~ im shocked~

everyday i shock shock
every night i shock shock

now im trying to get my mum permission to get there . huwaa *crying badly* . but~ on 24/4 my mum will be going to KL . thats why i want to get her permission to go BEAST "SHOCK OF THE NEW ERA" . huwaa~ mak~ you're pretty todayy . :* . hahahahaha . trying to steal her heart . hehe . mumm !!!! pleasee~~ only 120 . T.T . heyy mum dont be stingy . i knoe you will get your " gaji " . hahaha . I'd to meet my DONGWOON~ huwaa he's so handsome .
love is pain~
love is over yeahh

hahaha~ nonsense-ing . hahahahahah~ HANA HWAITING ~~~

비스트 hwaiting
DONG WOON hwaiting