It's DongWoon's birthday guys !




please give me a chance to express my feeling here .

for my only husband SON DONG WOON :

i just wanna say a HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY to you .
 I hope you'll be more handsome after this and make me more melting like ice jelly . lol *what am i nonsence at* .
Please work harder to make all B2uties proud to you including me , your girlfriend . *pfft*
Please take care of yourself eventhough i'm not by your side . pfffttt *tahan gelak*
Please be more talkative to your fans and reply all of their wishes including mine . I really hope that you'd read my birthday wish on your fb . even it's a faker . haha .
And lastly , please gimme a free ticket VVIP because i'm the only VVIP in your heart . *gelak sampai terkencing*


Oppa ! you're so awesome just the way you are .
I'm melting with every action you did . haaa ~ even you're sneezing . haha .

sorry for the broken english -,- and please do not laugh here -.- 

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