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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo guys .

Hari ini ialah hari istimewa untuk Lee JinKi .. What ? Lee JinKi ? haha . For your information , Lee JinKi tu ialah nama penuh/betul bagi Onew . Lee JinKi ni juga Leader dalam Shinee . 

Hari ini Onew Dubu telah genap jadi 23 tahun . Hmm . Itu umur dia dekat Korea . Kalau International , dia baru 22 tahun . Muda lagi kot . muehehehe :3

Hari ini juga ! Aku ada buat banner(?!) untuk Onew sempena hari jadi dia . Tuu *muncungkan bibir* yang gambar atas sekali tu . Itulah aku buat untuk dia . Tskk . Aku tahu 'cantik' . Terima kasih je lah . Tskk . Susah gila nak buat macam tu . Ia mengambil masa yang agak lama . Tapi tak apa ! Demi Onew ! hewheww . Setahun tak sekali kan ? -..-

Okay , memandangkan hari ni hari jadi dia . So , aku decide nak beri Fakta TenTang Lee JinKi .. Err . Tak banyak pun . Dalam Seratus gitu . Aku copy paste Jah . Nanti aku credit lah 3:D . Bukan selalu jadi 'Kucing Salinan' .. So , let's get a started !

1.He thinks that spaghetti is more interested than key
2.Onew most like to remember the wonderful experience with tofu (tofu) when he was a child.
3.His Hobby is sleeping
4.When someone disturbing him when he reading book,he will really hate it.
5.Onew is graduated from IT High School.
6. Usually Onew smiles a lot, but Taemin say Onew looks strange if he more serious.
7.His faforite Super Junior’s member is Lee Teuk. 8.Onew believe you can change lives with just one word.
9. Onew carried Rubix everywhere and play it if he was bored.
10. When he was little, Onew often bring food from food stores.
11. Onew had 2 MP3 players because he feared one of them battery runs out.
12. Parents and share with her classmates.
13. Onew really like toothbrushes for long.
14. Onew using glasses when dance rehearsal
15.According Onew, reading it helped him write the lyrics.
16. Minho like character in the manga for onew.
17.According Taemin, Onew play a role as the eldest brother in SHINee.
18. Onew ever imitate the way the movements of dogs, but eventually he realized that he was human.
19.Yoogeun or chicken? The answer is... CHICKEN! Why? Because the chicken has been together for 22 years. 20.Onew sometimes be autistic on something.
21.Onew want to have a lot of money so he can buy ship and enjoy life.
22.Onew says, Jonghyun is a harp, Key is like his name; key, Minho like a book, and Taemin like a drum.
23.Onew want to learn to draw good.
24.Onew did not care about dating or marriage.
25.He looks soft and quiet, but she was very ambitious to be someone who is humorous.
26.During the Ring Ding Dong Onew, Jonghyun, and Taemin diagnosed with swine flu.
27.Onew would speak formally on his wive if he was married.
28.Onew diligent study. He's got two parallel ranking in school, but according to him is not something to be proud. 29.According Onew, he's not special.
30.Onew want to be August,in movie  Rush August.
31.Yoogeun ever say  if he missed Onew-Appa, who makes her mother do not believe it.
32. Mother Yoogeun asked again, then Yoogeun replied "I miss Onew-Appa."
33.Jonghyun delighted to hear the fact that he's younger than Onew.
34.Onew would go to farms and work to prove how long he will last there.
35. Onew think that spending money to Taemin is a waste.
36. If you want to be  Onew’s friend, at least you have been friends with since junior high Onew.
37. Since childhood, Onew goal is to become a scientist.
38. If Onew had a girlfriend, he would sing and play piano for her.
39. Onew does not like other people call him by his real name.
40. Ideal type Onew:have own character, good personality, knows how to cook, and good behavior.
41.When was the first time, Onew can not see anything in front of him and then he forgot the lyrics before appearing on the stage.
42. If Onew turned into a girl, she would choose Key as his lover. Because Key is unique, strong personality, and very interesting.
43. When Onew should lead a discussion, Onew sure he's not nervous, but once he was panic, he immediately shouted "umma!"
44.All members of SHINee is the last child or an only child.
45. Onew has the expertise to freeze the atmosphere with whatever he says, people say he is very funny while doing it.
46.Before Onew become a singer, he joined a concert, after he cast.
47. During the concert, she sang the song "Do It".
48. Onew was graduate from Changwoon University.
49.Time in college, he majoring in broadcasting  music.
50.Kyuhyun Super Junior wrote "Jinki (Onew) who has many secrets." In 'thanks to' of his album.
51.Onew have a super big mobile phone strap, white and black striped tiger-shaped doll.
52.Recognition Onew, "I bought a car for my father with the money that I got the first time."
53.Then Onew uncle called him and said he was a good kid.
54.Onew then explained, "This vehicle 2700cc. My father did not have a car for 10 years, so I presented him a car. "
55. Onew says, during exercise, to lose weight he woke up at 5 am and swim for an hour.
56. Also, to lose weight, Onew walk to school which takes approximately 1 hour each day.
57. Time to go home, Onew skipping as much as 4000 times to lose weight!
58. When asked "What are the advantages possessed by a leader?" Onew said, "We are all handsome."
59. Onew is CHICKEN MANIAC, who do not know?
60. When Onew  diagnosed got swine flu, his name became famous without planned.
61. Onew ever fell and broke his teeth.
62. Onew had fingers which he called "spicy fingers".
63. He ever used the "spicy fingers"  to hit Simon D, then he cried.
64. At an event, to encourage Onew, SHINee members sang "Only Youuuu" (anyone remembers this show, right?!)
65. Onew like his eyebrows.
66. According Onew, the best part of her body is her voice.
67. In the Night Star, Onew is famous for 'its ttakbam'
68. He used his strong ttakbam and destroy  Hwanhee’s acne. LOL
69.Then Hwanhee commented, she had never felt that strong ttakbam earlier.
70. During Award Shows, when the SHINee members wanted to go the restroom, they will ask for the Onew-hyung to accompany them.
71. Onew wrote the lyrics to 'Your Name' in the album Lucifer.
72. During the Hello Baby, Onew was advised by a karaoke machine, "You have to practice more before it became a singer."
73. Onew SHINee miss Shawols during vacuum for 4 months before the album Lucifer.
74.When Onew says something boring and make the atmosphere so bizarre, Key will take over and turn on the atmosphere.*Nyahahaha*
75. One day, in the event fansigning, Onew confusion because he forgot how signatures.
76. Onew not know if he'll be a singer. Then he decided to become a singer after people said that he has a good voice. 77. Life Motto of Onew: "As much as possible to have all kinds of experiences, because each experience will give birth to something new."
78. Onew like different genres of books from other people.
79. Onew always carry personal medicines for himself and all the SHINee members because they often do not feel healthy when on the plane.
80.  Onew says, Jonghyun secretly always think of others and care about the people around him.
81.Onew would smile and fighting the pain when he was in front of the camera before the job is finished.
82. SHINee donated $ 10,000 to an orphanage in Cambodia.
83. Onew said that he is not the type of guy who likes to approach a girl.
84. Onew do not usually read the comments and articles in the bulletin associated with SHINee on the internet.
85.He can suddenly turn into a laughing stock in the car when he shouted "bats!" And directly mimic the bat.
86. According Onew, a good person is a person who is very thoughtful of others.
87. Onew and Jonghyun each appoint one another as the best member in SHINee.
88.Onew really like to find a way to turn the atmosphere backstage.
89.He believes that although this is expensive, items that always spends his money is food.
90.During the photoshoot, Onew always turn back and return to the front.
91.He was enrolled in SM Academy in high school, and wages of about 50 million won.
92. Ye Eun Wonder Girls are a girl the first to admit his love for Onew.
93. Onew tries to come up with another name in the musical drama "Brothers Were Brave."
94. Onew loves imitating Donald Duck.
95. Onew really like to eat snacks.
96. "Among all the SHINee members, a nearly perfect is me!" Said Onew.
97. Onew scared little boy. Why? Because he feared would injure them. Therefore time in Hello Baby, Onew could not go near Yoogeun.
98.If they have show outside the city, Onew not never get a roommate. He always gets a small hotel room alone and no member who would accompany.
99. Onew called 'Dubu' as her fans because he likes to eat tofu that are co 'Dubu'.
100. Onew can not escape from the blanket. If asleep, he would cover his entire body with a blanket and he never caught was eating a snack in the blanket.

Credit:AsianfansclubTranslated:bhanry::SHINee World::

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Huahaha . Baca lah ye . Ianya dalam bahasa inggeris . Kalau tak faham . Jangan malu-malu pergi cari google translate . Ia sangat membantu anda . Lol . Tapi dia translate pakai DIRECT TRANSLATION . harap korang faham lah ye . Bukan selalu disakitkan hati oleh GOOGLE TRANSLATOR . hahaha .

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